Between you and success, only a cup of coffee


Between you and success, only a cup of coffee !


Shanghai, the fastest-paced city in China and featured its unique Hai-style culture, houses China’s biggest coffee consumer market, 

and is making itself the trading center of coffee worldwide.


In this city, a cup of coffee smoothens the fast development of its economy and culture.

In this city, a cup of coffee could mean an idea, an opportunity and even wealth.


Since coffee beans was firstly discovered 2000 years ago, coffee has been an indispensable element of modern life. In our mind, 

coffee is not just coffee itself, it is the embodiment of energy and enthusiasm, opportunity and success.


So, we make every effort to build an international and professional platform showcasing coffee products and its culture with which 

we could bridge the innovative and efficient communications between exhibitors and purchasers. 


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