1.  Focus on cafe culture and collect information of oversea market and build an international sales network

2.  Opportunity to meet with highly potential oversea purchasers

3.  Opportunity to cultivate potential abilities of staff

4.  Share information and know the trends of new products & technology in cafe industry

5.  Catch your competitors’ marketing strategies and strengthen your competency

6.  Branding and get well known in the most attractive China & Asian market

7.  Super strong media support, great media exposure, accurate targeting and distribution.

8.  500,000+ SMS to invite professional visitors, 30+ e-magazines to activate 1,000,000+targeted visitors,
     100,000+phone call to invite key decision makers for purchase, 10+ SNS advertising worldwide,
     600+ press releases, 300+ media partners in global, 500+CAFE.


To build an international collaborative platform with global visions

Collect the first-hand information about international cafe market, seek opportunities for sales network, know the latest released cafe products and state-of-the-art technologies trends. Create opportunities to connect exhibitors and purchasers face-to-face and to make it possible for cross-border trading.


To communicate and learn the leading experience with international view

Gain experiences, take the training chances and cultivate staff’s marketing abilities.


Know your competitors and know yourself, you will always win

Research thoroughly and know the oversea competitors’ market strategies and test your own products’ core competence.


To show the Brands images intensively, and disseminate extensively

More than 150 media partners at home and abroad, publicize and improve brands images


Professional visitors with artistic perspectives

Distributors, wholesalers, online store owners, gift solutions suppliers of coffee industry at home and abroad Franchisers, retailers and online retailers of coffee products at home and abroad The purchasing & investment department of Department stores, commercial real estate, shopping malls, airport Distribution wholesalers, purchasing groups for coffee related products at home and abroad Investors interested in coffee industry at home and abroad Purchasing decision makers for coffee, bakery, cold drinks and confectionery at home and abroad coffee education organizations at home and abroad coffee lovers at home and abroad

Media Partners


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